Alchemy… What is it?

Alchemy is both simple and rather complex. The easiest explanation is that it is the art of changing from one form to another; like water to steam or ice. You can find reference to alchemy throughout the ages and continents.. Every culture seems to have alchemy… Persians, Egyptians, Muslims, Buddhists and  Hindus to name few.

Historically,  Ancient Alchemy was the art of mixing base metals to form noble metals.,or gold. Base metals  such as iron, nickel, zinc,lead,and copper. these  base metals, because of their corrosive nature, were then transmuted into the non-corrosive metals such as silver,platinum,titanium and gold. The Philosopher’s stone is also an alchemical substance that turns base metals into gold. It was believed to have rejuvenating properties known to be the “Elixir of Life”.

Hermetically speaking, Alchemy  is a spiritual journey, and that the soul goes through  seven stages of purification of the physical as well as the esoteric body, with immortality and perfection  being the refined gold. With that in mind, we are all alchemists whether we re aware of it or not. ..The question is: how are we changing ,evolving and purifying?

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